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As you look through the inlaid bands on James Hardwick's website, remember that most of them can be made with almost any stone or color you can imagine! If you see a ring that you really like, but would prefer different stones, contact us! We can probably do it, and will be delighted to do so!

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Click on images for a closer look and descriptions.


JR102-opal and sugalite inlay band


GS250-malachite solid stone inlay ring


JR149-Mawsitsit and opal ring


JR106-Opal/14kt yellow band

JR102a   $495
Geometric inlay sections in 14KT yellow gold band

GS250    $325
Solid malachite set in 14KT yellow gold ring
JR149    $695
14KT white gold gents ring with solid stone inlay
JR109   $495 w/most stones $595 w/opal
Wide tapered band with solid Australian Opal inlay. Shown in 14KT yellow gold

JR50-narrow inlay band-lapis

JR51-inlay band-lapis

GS10-opal/lapis band-optional center stone

GS18-opal/lapis band-optional center stone

JR50    $165
Narrow 14KT yellow gold band with lapis inlay
JR51    $210
14KT yellow gold mosaic inlay band - Ladies and Gents
GS10    $545
Wide 14KT gold band with fancy edges and chip inlay.
GS18    $445
Narrower version of GS!0 in 14KT yellow gold, lapis and opal inlay

JR52-malachite/opal inlay band

JR53-narrow malachite/opal inlay band

JR58-14kt yellow/lapis fuse ring

14kt and turquoise ring

JR52    $295
14KT yellow gold and malachite inlay band.

JR53    $195
Narrow version of JR52 in 14KT yellow gold and malachite

JR58     $445
"Fuse" ring in 14KT yellow gold. Almost any stone can be used in this ring, including lapis, opal,turquoise,dinosaur bone. You name it! Popular with men and women.

JR34    475
14KT white gold ring with turquoise inlay tapers to a comfortable narrow width at the bottom.


14KT gold "leaf" ring with mosaic inlay

Custom made matching inlay bands-14KY/turquoise

JR196 shown in 14KT white gold with Australian opal inlay.

14KT solid stone inlay ring-ladies or gents

Leaf 14KT=$425  SS=$95
Unique pot leaf ring shown in 14KT gold with opal inlay.


Custom Bands   $445 each
14KT yellow gold wedding bands with solid stone turquoise inlay


JR196   $ 595 w/most stones $675 w/opal
Wide band suitable for men and women featuring three large areas for solid stone inlay. Shown with blue Australian Opal in 14KT white gold.


JR198   $750
Gents Mens ring with large inlay area across the top.This ring is also suitable for women who like a nice showy ring. If you like dinosaur bone, consider this ring! It makes up beautifully!

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Photos by Azad & James Hardwick

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