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The rings shown in this section of James Hardwick's website feature faceted gemstones with natural stone inlay. The options are practically unlimited, with your choices of metal and stones. If  you can imagine it, Jim can probably make it!  White and yellow gold in 14KT or 18Kt, as well as sterling silver and platinum are your metal choices. Gemstone choices include diamonds, rubies, sapphires, tourmaline, garnet, amethyst, just to name a few.  Inlay can be done with opal, turquoise, sugilite, malachite, dinosaur bone, lapis, coral, onyx, and many, many others!  Prices on all pieces vary according to metal and stones. 

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Click on the images for a closer look and descriptions.


JR80-14kt band with .25 diamond and turquoise inlay


JR61-Diamond and opal ring


JR111-emerald & opal inlay ring


JR46-inlay/diamond band

JR80     $795
Mens or womens inlay and diamond band. Shown in14KT yellow gold with Australian opal inlay.

JR61    $645
This 14KT gold ladies ring seems almost fluid with its unique swirling design. Shown with blue Australian opal and a diamond.    

JR111    $695
Men and women are both drawn to this low profile ring. Shown in 14KT yellow gold with an emerald and opal inlay.
JR46    $495 
Smooth rounded edges and a raised center make this ring stand out from the rest. Shown in 14KT yellow gold with mosaic ship inlay.

JR150-sapphire & opal inlay ring

JR45-opal, turq. inlay & diamond band

JR44- lapis, opal & diamond band-14kt

JR48-narrow lapis,opal & diamond band-14kt

JR150   $495 
Mens Gents ring in 14KT yellow gold with a blue sapphire and opal inlay.
JR45     $395
An intricate inlay pattern of natural stone surround a small center diamond. 14KT yellow gold.
JR44     $525
14KT yellow ring with chip inlay and diamond center stone. This smooth, low profile band has a stepped edge and is popular with both men and women.  
JR48   $475
Narrow stepped edge ring with a small diamond center stone and chip inlay of assorted natural stones.

JR55- opal, turq inlay with diamond-band

JR59-14kt yellow ring w/Australian Opal inlay and 1/4 TDW

JR78-ring-opal/lapis inlay, 5x7 oval center

JR47-inlay band w/diamond

JR55    $335
Narrow inlaid band can be made with or without a center stone. Shown in 14KT yellow gold.

JR59     $795
This stylish ladies ring features three channel set stones (shown with diamonds) and solid stone inlay on the sides. 14KT yellow gold.  
JR78      $695
Wide showy ring with an oval center stone and a beautiful design of mosaic stone inlay on the sides. For variety, this ring can be made without the rounded step edge. Shown in 14KT yellow gold. 
JR47     $575
This wide band features a slightly raised middle with chip inlay surrounding a small center stone. Shown in 14KT yellow gold.

JR112-opal inlay w/emerald

JR106-Dome ring-opal inlay w/diamonds

JR42-Solid stone inlay with 5x7 oval faceted stone

JR60-ring- 7x9 amethyst w/opal & lapis inlay

JR112     $595
14KT yellow tapered band with a green tourmaline stone set at an angle. Australian opal inlay is the perfect embellishment.
JR106    $895
Shown in 14KT white gold this domed ring features blue opal inlay and a pattern of bead set diamonds.
JR42     $695
An off-center oval stone is bezel set next to a row of stunning solid stone inlay. Shown in 14KT yellow gold.
JR60     $545
Wide ring tapers at the bottom. Features an oval bezel set stone and an interesting pattern of chip inlay on one side. Shown in 14KT yellow gold.

Rings - inlay with faceted stones Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5


Photos by Azad and Tracy Bowen

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