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Use your imagination to dream up the ring that is perfect for you! A large variety of stones are available for mosaic and solid stone inlay, including Australian Opal, Malachite, Sugilite, Turquoise, Lapis, Coral and Black Onyx. Center stones include diamonds, rubies, emeralds, garnets, sapphires, citrine, amethyst, tourmaline and more. Prices on all pieces vary according to metal and stones.

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Click on the images for a closer look and descriptions.


JR89-14kty ring-trilliant cut Rhodalite garnet & opal inlay


JR97-14kty ring w/pink tourmaline & opal inlay


JR124-Ring with 1/5 ct TDW & opal inlay


JR110-14kty ring w/Rhodalite garnet & opal inlay

JR89      $550
Swirling gold moves around the finger in this unique ladies ring. Shown with a trilliant cut Rhodolite garnet and opal inlay.

JR97     $495
Ladies ring featuring an oval pink tourmaline and Australian Opal inlay.

JR124     $475 $545 w/opal
This ring is unique with it's angled channel and tapered top. Shown in 14KT yellow gold with diamonds and Australian opal inlay.

JR110     $545
14KT yellow gold ring with solid pieces of Australian Opal inlay and


JR98-14kty ring w/ Ceylon Sapphire & opal inlay

JR87-Ladies 14KT diamond ring with turquoise inlay

JR81-14kty band w/diamond and opal

JR51a-14kty band with opal inlay & diamond

JR98    $895
14KT yellow gold ring with Ceylon Sapphire and opal inlay.


 JR87   $1395 as shown
Ladies inlay ring with prong set diamond center stone. Shown in 14KT yellow gold


 JR81   $650
Low profile band with rounded edges. Shown with a bead set diamond center stone.


 JR51a     $395
Smooth easy to wear band in 14KT yellow gold. Shown with diamond and opal. Great for men and women.


JR153-14kt/sapphire & opal ladies ring

JR161-14kt ruby & opal ring

JR16-14kt white gold diamond & opal ring

JR102-ruby, sugalite, opal ring/14kt

JR153    $1195
This ladies ring features a unique twisted flow across the top of the finger. Shown in 14KT yellow gold with an oval sapphire and opal inlay.

JR161    $595+center stone
Ruby and opal are beautiful in this substantial ladies ring. Shown in 14KT yellow gold.

JR161    $595+center stone
Ladies ring shown in 14KT white gold with a diamond center stone and opal inlay.

JR102    $495
Geometric inlay and a small ruby are featured in this smooth gold band, suitable for men and women. Shown in 14KT yellow gold.

JR148-14kt ruby & opal ladies ring

JR81-14kt/diamond and turquoise ring

JR162-14kt/diamond and opal ring

JR162-14kt/ruby and opal ring

JR148    $395
The open swirl style of this ring is the perfect way to show off a center stone surrounded with chip inlay. Shown in 14KT yellow gold with a ruby center and opal inlay.

JR81-M    $595
Low profile 14KT white gold band with turquoise inlay and a diamond center stone. Great for men and women.

JR162    $495+center stone
Stylish and easy to wear, this ladies ring features a bead set diamond and opal inlay. Can be made with any variety of gemstones and inlay.

JR162    $495+center stone
Another version of this ring, shown with a ruby center stone and opal inlay. 14KT yellow gold.


Rings - inlay with faceted stones Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5

Photos by Azad & Tracy Bowen & James Hardwick


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